Brass floor lamp, LED light, and a smart home device for less than $200

Axios/Getty Images A smart home appliance company is launching a new smart lighting system called the Brass Floor Lamp, which uses LED lights to illuminate its lights.

The Brass Floor Light is similar to the Google Home Smart Home Speaker and features four LED lights, two of which can be turned on or off.

The LEDs will work with an array of smart home products and smart home technology, including Nest, Amazon Alexa, Wink, and Amazon Alexa Dot, the company said.

The bulbs are made by Lighting, a company that specializes in smart lighting products, and can be purchased for $20 a pop.

It also includes a “lamp guide” that tells users where to find the light most convenient for them.

The light has four brightness levels and four settings: dim, on, off, and strobe.

You can adjust the brightness to the setting you prefer.

It’s compatible with more than 300 smart home devices, including smart lights, thermostats, lights in the living room, smart lighting hubs, and more.

The company says the Brass Lighting will be “the best smart lighting product available” for about $200, which is cheaper than most smart lighting systems.

It has not yet launched a product, but the company has plans to launch one in the near future.

It’s a smart, eco-friendly solution to a more traditional lighting solution, which could be a good fit for many home owners, particularly those who live in apartments or are already living in larger spaces.

A smart bulb that works with more products would be ideal for those living in apartments, for instance.

The Brass Floor lamp is also compatible with Nest and Alexa, so you could connect a Nest thermostat to the device to control it.

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