How to DIY your own vinyl floor lamp from a cardboard shelf

DIYers can turn any old cardboard shelf into an indoor floor lamp by using a vinyl floor stencil, and the product’s online shop has already sold out.

The DIY floor lamp is a simple and easy way to turn a standard shelf into a floor lamp.

A standard shelf holds the necessary flooring ingredients, which are then rolled onto the floor.

The product’s website shows how to use a floor stencher to apply the flooring:1.

Use a white cardboard sheet to cover the top of the shelf, and tape a small piece of vinyl to the bottom of the sheet.2.

Cut a slit into the sheet, about half an inch wide.3.

Roll the vinyl sheet onto the sheet using a plastic cutter, leaving a 1/4-inch gap at the end.4.

Use the back of the stencher or a small metal nail to mark the spot where you want to mark on the sheet and tape it down with white glue.5.

Use one of the two cardboard stencil holders on your vinyl floor to attach the vinyl to a standard cardboard shelf.6.

Using the same stencil holder, roll the vinyl down the shelf.

The stencil works by pressing a small hole in the sheet that’s already marked on the vinyl, and then sealing the cut-out.

It’s like using glue to stick your vinyl onto a piece of cardboard.

The floor lamp then hangs in the room, ready to be illuminated at night.

The company that makes the product has created a similar product in the US, and has also launched a Kickstarter campaign for a similar lamp.

The company has already raised over $40,000, and hopes to deliver the lamp to Kickstarter backers in the second half of 2018.

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