How to Get Rid of Bamboo Flooring

I have a few bamboo floor tiles that I love.

It’s hard to find these in stores, and they tend to be a little hard to keep clean.

I wanted to take a little time to learn how to clean and keep them looking fresh, so I got to work.

I ended up using a product called Nipa, which is a soft and natural rubber that I find in a few grocery stores.

It was a big hit, and I used it on a few floors.

It is really easy to clean.

This video shows how I use Nipabod in my bathroom.

The process is the same as the bamboo floor tile above, except it is a little easier to get all the grime off.

You will also need a little water, a toothbrush, and a sponge.

I like to use a toothpick to clean all the debris from the sponge.

Make sure you rinse your sponge well, and then put the sponge in the water and use it as a sponge wipe.

Then, rub the sponge onto the tiles with your toothpick.

After that, you need to rinse the floor with water.

After you rinse, take the sponge and brush it all over the floor, leaving a little space for the grout to get off the tiles.

When you are done, let the grouts dry.

I also put a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the grouting area to keep it from getting too dry.

Then put the grouted floor tiles back into the box.

I keep the boxes in the laundry room, and once they dry, I put them back in the cabinets.

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