How to make the perfect bathroom floor

By Mark McKeownPosted February 04, 2018 07:50:25For those who like their floors in a state of flux, there’s a new company in town who wants to change that.

FloorSander has recently been making a splash with their flooring creations, but they’re also working on a few other projects in the space, and the company is working on their own version of the same concept.

As the company explains, FloorSander’s new products are designed to help ensure your bathroom is in tip top shape for the next 100 years, and with the latest iteration of their product, they’re bringing their design to the masses with their new FloorSacer Floor Press.

The FloorSader Floor Press will be available to purchase in March 2018, with an expected price tag of €499.

It has a single axis height of 1.5m and a one-piece design, but it also has a retractable handle.

The company states that it’s “designed to work with a variety of products and materials, and to deliver a smooth and reliable product for any task.”

The Floor Sander Floor Press is the product of more than six years of research, development and manufacturing.

It’s a dual axis, double sided press with a top-mounted height of 0.6m.

It is the result of the company’s own research into how floor systems can improve the appearance of a bathroom, and also in the quest to help make the experience more enjoyable.

As it’s the only floor press to incorporate the Floor Sader Floor press, it has the potential to become an integral part of a variety new bathrooms.

The floor press comes with two handles and a retractible handle.

It features a “high-quality, low-profile steel blade”, which FloorSaver describes as “perfect for cutting through the woodwork and providing a smooth finish.”

The company also claims that the FloorSasser Floor Press features “excellent durability”, and that it is “strong and robust”, and is able to withstand heavy use.

You can view a video of the Floor Press below, or you can watch a demo below.

Flooding your bathroom can be an expensive and difficult process, but we’ve seen a lot of people do it anyway.

With a floor press like this, you can be sure that your bathroom won’t have to suffer a leak or a leaky faucet.

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