How to stain concrete floors

RENO, Nev.

(CBS4) — In this remote Reno town of just over 7,500 people, there are two major events that happen in one day.

One is the arrival of spring and the other is the annual summer cleaning.

The first is the return of the season, when the grass will be trimmed back and the leaves will start blooming.

The second is the introduction of stained concrete floors.

The walls of a home in this area have been covered in stained concrete, the first in Reno since the 1950s.

It’s an unusual feature in an area that has traditionally seen a lot of the same construction and construction practices as the city of Las Vegas.

It’s part of a trend across the country to replace concrete floors in large urban areas.

They are replacing them with cement floors.

The process is cheaper and less energy-intensive than the process of painting the walls.

But there are concerns about the impact on the environment.

It has the potential to increase methane emissions, and also to leach out the pollutants that contribute to climate change.

This year, the city has installed about 300,000 new cement floors in the past decade.

Some residents have complained about the smell.

“The smell is unbelievable,” said Steve Davis, a former resident who is now retired.

“It makes me feel sick.”

But he doesn’t have to live in the area anymore.

He lives in a home with a cement floor.

“It’s beautiful, and it’s a great way to clean the house,” Davis said.

He said he’s seen a difference in the house over the past few years.

“Now I’m in a better place,” he said.

Davis is the owner of the home and his wife are homeowners, and they’ve never had any issues with it.

But he’s concerned about the health effects of the chemicals.

“They’re very, very potent chemicals,” Davis explained.

“They’re really quite a potent chemical.”

Davis has seen people coming into the home, screaming and screaming and crying, and his own children have complained.

“I’m not concerned at all,” he added.

Davis says he thinks the chemicals are toxic.

“We have a problem with our city,” he told me.

“We have this big, big problem with climate change.”

As the season approaches, it’s time to start putting down those stained concrete walls and getting back to living a normal life.

Reno is one of only two cities in Nevada that doesn’t allow cement floors on most of its roads.

There are several other cities, such as Las Vegas, that allow them.

But not Reno.

The city says that because of the climate change concerns, they won’t allow them, and the city is using the Clean Energy City program, a program that allows communities to get a loan to buy cleaner electricity from renewable sources.

“If we don’t want to buy that, we’re not going to be able to get the power,” said City Manager Joe Furlong.

Rendering from the city’s website, you can see that the concrete floors are being removed, and if they’re going to remain, the homeowners are paying the city for the work.

The home in the photo above has been the subject of many complaints from residents.

“A lot of people are upset about it,” said Davis.

“So we’re just trying to figure out what’s going to happen next year and what the next step is going to look like,” he explained.

The City Manager says he’s hopeful that the residents of Reno will be able continue to use their home as it is.

The city says it will work with community groups to come up with solutions that work best for everyone, including the people who live and work in the community.

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