‘My baby’s here’: The ‘best of Britain’

The most-loved house in Britain is getting a new, modern look.

A new home in Surrey will house a children’s play area, a swimming pool, and an indoor gym.

And it will feature a three-car garage, making it the most spacious in the UK.

The house in Sainsbury’s Point, in Essex, is being converted into a nursery for two babies, and will become a nursery and a nursery school.

Its owners, the Sainsburys, have been given £400,000 to do the renovations, including a new flooring, new appliances, and a new kitchen.

The property is one of just four homes in the country to receive the prestigious honour.

The new nursery, called The Sainsboroughs Point, will house two children.

The nursery’s owners, The Sams, are looking for £400K to build the house into the most luxurious home in Britain.

The £400k was part of the £450k a year grant awarded by the European Community to build up the homes of more than 30,000 British people in 2012.

The Sainsbrokes will also have a new playground for children aged two and three, a new pool, a spa, a sauna, and indoor fitness centre.

The baby care will be housed in a separate nursery for three, while a new gym will be added to the existing gym.

It will also include an indoor pool, new kitchen, a washing machine, and new appliances.

Sainsburys Point’s owner, The Smiths, is looking for a £2m grant from the European Union to renovate the property.

It is the only house in the region to receive this funding.

Sainburys, which is part of South East England, has more than 80,000 residents, according to figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

It was once home to the Sainbury’s Pub, which has been closed since 2010.

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