Oak flooring designer finds new home

Architect Peter Zemel, who designed and built the oak flooring floor plan for the New York Times headquarters, has found a new home in California.

The 63-year-old Zemels latest project, called The Oak House, will be featured in the March issue of The New Yorker.

He told The Hill the project will be “the most expensive building ever built in the United States,” with an estimated price tag of $1.5 billion.

Zemel told TheHill the new home, which will include “a vast outdoor living room and dining area,” will be located near a “huge outdoor lake,” as well as “a massive kitchen, dining room and a big dining room.”

He said the new homes will feature a rooftop terrace overlooking the lake.

“It’s a great, big space, with a huge outdoor living area, a massive kitchen and dining room,” he said.

“It’s going to be spectacular.”

The architect said he first came up with the idea for the house during a conference at The New York Architectural Society in 2003, but the project “didn’t pan out.”

“We didn’t have the resources to get into a lot of trouble and start designing a lot,” he told TheNewYorker.

“The real challenge was finding the right architect and finding the appropriate building, but it worked out.”

The Oak House will be the largest building ever constructed in the U.S., with an overall area of 17,800 square feet.

Zemelt says he will also include an outdoor deck for outdoor dining, and will incorporate “the finest materials, materials and design.”

The house is expected to open later this year and will have a grand opening in 2019.

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