The ‘gilded age’ of marble flooring is over

The ‘golden age’ is over and the marble floor is no more.

The world’s largest producer of marble has announced that it will stop producing marble and replace it with a synthetic material, called wood, to replace the mineral used in the construction of the floors.

The move is part of a global rethink in the use of marble.

In the past, the production of marble floors was driven by demand from European countries and China.

China, the world’s biggest marble producer, began using wood in the 1960s as a cheaper alternative to marble and has since expanded production.

It is estimated that about 5.5 million cubic metres of marble a year are exported from China to Europe and the United States.

In China, marble is made from sandstone, limestone and the limestone is quarried by hand and the wood is heated and heated to break down the clay and make the marble.

The marble used for the new floors is sourced from a quarry in western China that is used for making limestone, a very difficult material to extract.

However, China has been working on a more sustainable approach to the production and production of its stone quarries.

The country has recently started using new technology to mine and process the stone quarried in the area, using technology that is more environmentally friendly.

“The current production of the stone from the quarries in our area has not been sustainable,” said Liu Minghong, a professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology.

“With the new process, we are able to increase production of our stone by about 50 percent.”

Liu said the use in the United Kingdom of a synthetic polymer called polyurethane cement has been very successful.

The new marble floor will be made in two steps.

First, a marble slurry will be created from the ground and heated by the heaters that the cement makers have installed in their factories.

The slurry is then mixed with sand and concrete and mixed with wood to create a natural marble.

It will be added to the concrete and then heated again to make the floor.

Next, the marble will be put in a kiln and heated and polished using the same technology.

The whole process takes about 10 days, Liu said.

The concrete used for marble floors will also be made from the natural stone that was quarried and the synthetic polymer will be used to help it stay stable during the process.

The New York Times article notes that the production is part in the “grand transformation of the industry, in which China is leading the way in the manufacture of marble and a few countries are following suit.”

A study commissioned by the government of China estimates that China’s marble production is equivalent to 1.6 billion metric tonnes of marble produced per year.

The article says the marble industry in China is on track to reach its goal of producing 1.8 billion metric tons of marble by 2020.

China is also working to increase the number of marble quarries and the number, of the cement factories.

But in the short term, the country is aiming to use its natural stone, which has been used in its construction industry for thousands of years, as the main building material for its new floors.

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