The most expensive flooring ever made, according to a video

article The most exclusive flooring on the planet is actually the most expensive, and that’s because the most durable materials were used to make it, according a new video from the makers of Polished concrete flooring.

The video, “The Most Expensive Flooring Ever Made” from the creators of Polishing concrete floorings, shows an array of polished concrete floors.

They were designed by an architect who went on to build the Luxe, the first hotel in Las Vegas, and is now owned by the Las Vegas Sands.

“It’s the most elaborate flooring I’ve ever seen,” said designer and builder Steve Stiles.

The floors in the video were made by a local firm called Stonebridge, which specializes in “stiffer, more durable concrete,” Stiles said.

It’s possible to see a few of the floors on the video, but only when you turn the camera toward the outside of the building, so you can see the floors as they’re being built.

The videos show the floors in varying stages of construction, and show some of the most impressive examples of the durable materials used.

The flooring was first unveiled at the 2013 World’s Fair in Dubai, where it was exhibited alongside other luxury products.

A large part of the Luxury hotel was designed by the same architect who created the Luxo, who is now a partner in the hotel.

“There are some really incredible finishes on some of these floors,” Stile said.

“And the most amazing thing was how much more durable it is than the other stuff we had to make.”

It’s likely that these materials are used in many of the luxury hotels around the world, which is why many have been designed with some sort of durability in mind.

“We do all the tests on these floors, to see how durable they are, and if they’re going to be in the future,” Stills said.

Some of the materials used in the Luxurys floors are so durable that they can be used in concrete walls.

Stiles described a wall in his hotel that was constructed with concrete.

The wall’s foundation was reinforced by concrete.

“When you put concrete in a wall, you have to seal it up so the concrete will hold up over time,” Stils said.

A concrete wall was used in a hotel on the Las Villas Las Vegas.

It was built with a concrete foundation.

(Courtesy of Stonebridge) Stiles also explained that the flooring has a “natural finish” to it, and even if the exterior is stained by the sun, the cement inside is durable.

The sandstone that makes up the floor was poured into the walls by hand and covered in paint.

“The whole purpose is to give a natural finish to the concrete, and we can even make it waterproof, which would be really useful for any of these rooms,” Still said.

These floors were designed to be permanent, so they could be reused over and over again.

“You can have a floor that is going to last 50 years, but you can’t replace it every time,” he said.

The Luxury Hotel Las Vegas is also one of the largest hotels in Las Gobernas, a city in the Philippines, where there are over 10 million people.

The hotel is home to the Las Gobermanas resort and spa.

The city is one of Las Goberas biggest tourist attractions, and the hotel has attracted a large amount of international visitors, and a significant amount of locals.

The resort has a number of luxury apartments.

The luxury apartment building on the Luxor hotel floor was built by the developers of the resort, Stonebridge.

(Photo: Stephen Stiles) Stonebridge is an Australian firm, and Stiles is a partner there.

Stile also owns the Luxori Hotel in Vegas, the Luxuem Resort in Tokyo, the Siam Palace Hotel in Thailand, and several other luxury properties.

Sticks also owns and manages several properties in Las Vegas.

“I love Vegas, it’s my second home, and I want to make sure it continues to be the most desirable destination in the world,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“For me, this is the most valuable property in the Las Vee.

And I’m very passionate about this.”

Stiles added that the Luxuries Luxury Resort is the first luxury hotel in Vegas to be built in partnership with the city.

“Every hotel has a price tag, but I want this to be one of my jewels,” he explained.

“So we’ve made it so that people will want to come here every year and we want to give them the most luxurious experience they can have.

This is going in a very, very special direction.”

The Luxuries Luxury Las Vegas Hotel is set to open this summer.

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