Which house has the biggest floor?

As you walk through the halls of your home, which floor is the one that really matters most?

A new survey of 4,000 people by research company IHS Global Insight has found that many people think the main floor of a house is their living room, but in reality, they think it is their kitchen, dining room, or bathroom.

“It is a big deal to get a kitchen that’s bigger than a living room,” said Michael Farrar, the CEO of IHS and a former investment banker.

“That’s why I think a kitchen is a huge deal.

If you have a smaller kitchen and a larger living room than that, you’re missing out.”

While the vast majority of households have at least one of these four floors, there are a few that don’t have the luxury of being able to have one, such as those with smaller spaces or smaller living rooms.

The survey found that people believe a living-room is the most important area in a home, with nearly two-thirds of people saying it is.

“If you have one smaller living room and a bigger kitchen and you’re using the living room as your living room for things like cooking, washing, or laundry, that’s the area that is most important,” Farrars said.

“But if you have three rooms and you have the living-rooms, the kitchen and the bedroom, then you’re really missing out on those big areas.”

IHS said it is using the results of the survey to help it improve its home search and advice to make more informed decisions about where to buy a home.

Farrs said that as a result of the study, he is taking a step back in his research.

“The biggest issue we’ve been working on in our research is making people think about what they are buying,” he said.

IHS has also partnered with the Center for Responsive Politics to provide a tool to help homeowners make informed decisions on where to live.

IHS is a global research company.

I’ve got more than 40 years of experience in real estate, financial services, and real estate-related consulting, including working on real estate deals for companies such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Morgan Stanley.

Follow me on Twitter: @mikewalshphoto

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