Why is Montessori a bad choice for children?

The Montessoris are the latest in a long line of products designed to teach kids to be responsible.

While they can be useful for learning skills such as planning and planninging, they’re often thought of as a “good old fashioned learning device”.

But a recent survey from The Monterey Institute for the Study of Learning and Development (TMSLD) found that, for many children, they simply don’t work for them. 

The survey found that children who used Montessorias at home were far more likely to feel frustrated and less engaged with school than those who didn’t.

“I think kids are looking for something more and they’re looking for a way to get more of themselves out of it,” said TMSLD researcher, Dr Amy Leong.

“It’s not that Montessorios are bad for kids.

They’re just not good for kids in a systematic way.” 

Montessori’s “best” and “worst” parents According to the TMSBD study, parents who are active in their children’s lives were also more likely than those in other types of homes to have a positive impact on their children.

However, there was little evidence to support the idea that parents who were active in raising their children were better than those that didn’t parents who are actively involved with their children are often “good parents” and, according to Dr Leong, “parents who do have a lot of influence and are involved with the child have a better chance of having a positive effect”.

The TMSDD also found that the most effective ways to engage children in activities were through positive role models, including the role of a teacher, parent or friend. 

“If we look at the way children learn, they don’t learn through a structured way.

They learn through experiences,” Dr Leung said.

“They learn through play, through watching the kids, through learning by doing.

And the most important thing about the child is that they can learn through their own internal processes and they can make mistakes, too.” 

The Montessoria community Montessoric design is also being increasingly embraced by parents who want to help their children grow into responsible adults.

In 2017, Montessorie International (MXI), an international organisation that promotes the use of Montessorius in schools, launched a partnership with the Montessorians.

“Our goal is to create a space where children can feel safe, where they can explore, where learning can be fun and where they feel comfortable learning, rather than just feeling frustrated and bored,” MXI’s director, Susan Wiebe, said. 

As part of the partnership, MXI has offered free Montessorial courses for families in its US, Europe and Asia regions, and is looking to offer other services for parents of children aged under four.

“Our goal has always been to be there for the parents and provide them with a platform for learning,” Ms Wieb said.

The programme is run by Montessorian International, which was founded in 2009 by Mr Kwan and Ms Wong.

The company has more than 400 members and has been awarded several grants to support Montessoriological activities in schools. 

‘It’s about making the world safe for children’ In 2018, the company launched the ‘Make the World Safe for Children’ campaign, in which it partnered with organisations such as the United Nations, UNICEF and the World Health Organization to promote Montessoriology in schools and to encourage families to teach their children how to be self-sufficient.

The campaign has also been featured in the ABC’s new children’s television series, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which aired in Australia. 

In the campaign, children are portrayed as people with their own interests and abilities, rather like children in traditional families.

“There’s a really important connection that we make between Montessory and the children’s learning,” Mr Kwin said.

Montessorie is one of many products available to children The research found that while many parents believe they can teach their child to be a good citizen, many children actually aren’t.

“They’re not necessarily taught to be very independent thinkers, but they’re taught that they’re important, they are valued and they are part of something bigger,” Dr Wiee said.

What do you think about the use and impact of Montycetrics? “

We’re not just talking about the parents, we’re talking about teachers, we are talking about other people and it’s about how do you give them the opportunity to become great people?” 

What do you think about the use and impact of Montycetrics?

Let us know in the comments below. 

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