Why the flooring for your home is going to look awful

The flooring in your home could be the worst thing you’ve ever installed, according to a new report by the FloorMiner.

In the report, published this week, the Floor Miner surveyed 3,000 home owners across the country and found that flooring that’s been installed after the fact was the worst offender.

The company used a system called “floors that didn’t meet expectations” to compile the findings.

The report found that in 2014, 92% of home owners surveyed said they had “no clue” what flooring they were installing.

In the first year of the program, only 29% of homeowners were told what floor replacement materials they should be using.

And only 6% of those surveyed said that they had ever seen a floor that didn the standards that were being followed.

The report says that floor replacement is so common that many homeowners don’t even realize it exists, or don’t know what it is that they’re doing.

The most common complaints from home owners in the survey was that they didn’t see the floor in the proper order or the floor was not installed properly.

Some of the most common concerns from homeowners were that the floor looked uneven, that the installation had failed and that the product had failed or was defective.

For example, the survey found that homeowners with no previous experience installing flooring said they “had no clue” whether the floor would fit their home.

Others said they weren’t sure whether they would be able to install it properly, and that they were worried about damage to their home and the floor.

Another issue was that the vast majority of respondents said that the products they were using were of “poor quality,” or were not up to the standards.

Even after the survey, the floor cleaning product that had been installed was still the worst.

About 20% of the surveyors said they were unsure if the product was a proper product or whether it was defective, while only 2% said it was “poor.”

In total, the report says, 93% of owners had installed a product that was defective or poor.

But, according for the report’s authors, these problems aren’t unique to one type of flooring.

The FloorMiners report said that other products can be equally problematic, and the report highlighted that some flooring is designed for the home, while other products are more for use outside the home.

For instance, in the report the Floor Miner found that many of the products used for installation were made by contractors, such as contractors with “little or no experience.”

The report found many of these products were used for home improvement projects or were meant for use in residential areas, such that they are not designed to be used for normal home maintenance.

So, for example, some of the materials in these flooring systems were designed for home use, but are not intended to be cleaned after use.

The Floor Miners report also said that floor maintenance products that are designed to stay in place for a long time can also be used to install floor replacement products that do not.

In other words, some floor cleaning products may be better suited for a house that is on a low floor, but if you have a high floor, the product may not be designed to provide the same level of protection.

It also said floor cleaning systems that use silicone are designed for residential use, while those that use polyester are designed specifically for residential flooring use.

In short, many of those products were designed to fit the requirements of a home, but have the potential to do more harm than good, according the report.

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